Kilcock Arts Gallery

Saturday was D-Day for the opening of the Dreamscapes and Landscapes Exhibition at the Kilcock Art Gallery. I had made my usual mistakes; having an early night, soaking in a bath, and sleeping facedown; the result? Actually hardly sleeping a wink, and a face belonging one of those wrinkly Chinese dogs. No amount of cold water or fancy cream could rectify the problem.




After a couple of sleepless nights waiting on the results of the Royal Ulster Academy’s final selection for their annual exhibition, I did it!!! This year I achieved the Academy hattrick, triple crown, holy of holies: I’ve had prints in all three of the 'home' academies. Dublin in Spring, London in Summer and now Belfast this Autumn.

MLM PDFsmall MLM Corneliasmal MrT FirstSnowoftheYear


The RA, London, and a small independent gallery in Radicondoli

What a few weeks it’s been! We set off on our big road trip to Radicondoli on 26th May, the momentous day of the Referendum result. And what a result!

As we approached Rosslare, I saw that I’d an email from the Royal Academy, an email I was almost sick opening to see if “Mr Turner” had been accepted for this year’s show.

IMG 4722

It's a bit dusty in the show space


RHA Annual 2018

Well, it’s been a nerve-wracking few weeks. After submitting three prints – one landscape and two women’s heads – I had been trying to keep myself busy in order to not think about the RHA Annual Show. I've made a drawing or two, cleaned the studio, did a clearance of scrap paper/newspapers, avoided FaceBook posts or talking to anyone about the show... in case that put the mockers on it.


Duke and Duchess of Urbino

Well during almost four days of being cooped up at home, unable to go anywhere with the snow, I had no excuse but to work! But even with the heater on and the studio freezing, I decided I had to face an idea for a print I have had in my mind for the past few months. It was now or never!




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