Cute picture of a cat?

Wait 'til I tell you why she has my best cashmere jumper...



Conjoined prophets and politicians?

On Wednesday last week, we went to Siena. It really is a beautiful city, and much easier to get around than Florence. We had hoped to have lunch at a favourite spot, La vecchia Taverna di Bacco, but it was closed for the ferie/holidays, and Marcus was lucky to get a booking instead for Le Logge, just off Il Campo. The city was very quiet, as most of the students are still on holiday, AND there were only a few other tourists wandering about….bellissimo!



Keeping warm

We arrived in Radicondoli on Thursday afternoon, and, after lighting the stove in an attempt to thaw the near arctic conditions of the flat, we decided there was nothing for it – we HAD to defend our title in the Torneo di Panforte in Palazzo Bizzarrini. After last year’s stunning performance it was a bit of a disappointment that we were beaten, perhaps due to a combination of lack of practice, wine and jet lag!

Resolution and Absolution MLM-stylee

Well, I have spent the last few days phoning all the places related to THE FOUR PAINTINGS/TERRIBLE TRUTH DEBACLE, explaining that I never had them in the first place. I am glad I have done all this by phone, as they would probably have me locked up over all the confusion I have spread throughout Dublin.

Great Art Heist

In case anyone might have noticed I have been a bit “preoccupied” the past few weeks….LSH/Marcus had (charitably) described me as “distracted”, but in reality “demented” would have been a more realistic term to use.
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