Wrap Party

Once again the Studio Open Days were a great opportunity to meet up with people who have bought my work over the years, as well as new people with an interest in printmaking. It was a bit slow to start with and most people came in the afternoons on both weekends. I sold quite a lot of my work, but the calendars were a  huge success and sold out!



Punk is dead - long live punk!

Yesterday was the first of 4 studio open days. It was a bit slow at first, but like buses, a load of people came at once! As usual I gave print demonstrations throughout the day. But things didn’t quite go as planned….I was pulling a print, and I thought it was going quite well until LSH (Marcus) appeared and  uttered the fatal words, “and here’s the magical bit”. This led to the backing tissue smudging the ink and ruining the print.  He wisely disappeared back into the kitchen, the atmosphere of which now resembles that of a distillery: all the mulled wine palarva! 

Is love alive?

Well, I hope so!

Here is a video Marcus made to help promote my studio open days coming up this weekend and next. It is a beautiful piece of music that most of us have heard and loved before; the images add only a little extra to the beauty of it, but I am very grateful to Marcus for doing this. He says it took hours (I think he is exaggerating), and the best part of a weekend. Just in case you weren't aware of the studio open days, the flyer for it is below, and there is an ad in the Irish Arts Review Christmas edition too...

Enjoy the video, and we'll see about getting it put up on this site permanently.



Busy, busy, busy - doing everything but work

Today I drove to Belfast to deliver some work for the Cavehill Gallery’s Christmas, there’s THAT word again! (Sorry!), Show. I had checked the weather forecast last night as I didn’t fancy driving in wind and rain. The forecast predicted a “20% chance of precipitation”. Well the “20%” must have attached itself to my car for the day! 
The Cavehill show opens on 6th December 5pm – 9pm, and continues Tuesday – Saturday 12noon – 5.30pm until 22nd December. So, if you are in Belfast, NI (Norn Iron)...  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tomorrow I am hanging the “Works on Paper” show at the United Arts Club. This opens on Thursday at 8pm….I will never get down to my own work at this rate!

underapril fragment3

Welcome to my world...

I think I have exhausted the rich mine of Italian emails for my blog, so now I am going to subject you to (my form of) reality from the last week….
On Monday my paper order from Armatruda in Amalfi arrived. It was a bit like Christmas, (oops, I shouldn’t have mentioned that word!), as I ripped off the packaging to find the delicious looking paper. Unfortunately, now I am like a rabbit in the headlights and afraid to even think of working on it.

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