Go Ahead Punk - make my St Patrick's Day

I love St Patrick’s day! Yes, I really do, honestly! You may well ask why…
It’s not the very cold and wet weather that we usually experience – and this year was no exception – it’s not the childhood memories of standing, miserably, in the rain on Westmoreland Street, looking at the even-more-miserable people on the floats. It’s not being mesmerised by the colour of the majorettes legs (a sort of piglet pink/purple /blue marbled effect), in stark contrast with the faux-tanned faces and the cheery bubble gum pink smiles.



Northward Ho!

Yesterday I went up to Belfast with a few friends including Sheila Pomeroy, (who has a fantastic exhibition at the Molesworth Gallery, Dublin), and Tony Strickland. We were meeting Neil Shawcross for lunch at his studio. He has these gatherings quite regularly, but up until yesterday I hadn’t been able to get to one.



The finished article

I spent yesterday finishing the “head wrecker” drawing that I had started earlier in the week. I had asked myself why I had started such a complicated image many times, but when I finished it  I felt I had accomplished something and felt like starting another immediately!!!




One 'flu over the cuckoo's nest

Having yet another dose of sort-of-flu and now on antibiotics has some benefits. I have been able, because I am going practically nowhere, and with LSH away (so no one to distract me except the three ‘mouse’keteers, Missy, Pip and Squeak), to resume work on “the Big drawing”. Honestly, I wish I never started it!



Knuckling Down

Just getting down to some work after our “Cinema Night’ in the studio. I had to clear away paper and drawing stuff and make room for the chairs. It was a great night. Habemus Papam.

So today I am back to the drawing board, literally, as well as printing a small, almost square drypoint. I have been working in this format since Christmas and have been finding it a bit of a challenge as I am working on very large drawings at the same time!
The studio is extremely peaceful and silent as it has been gently snowing this afternoon. I love this type of atmosphere to work in, even though it is very cold and I dread anyone calling in and may catch me in my inky dungarees, several t-shirts and matching face!

DSCF5046 DSCF5047 DSCF5049


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