Exhibition spoilers

Just back from a weekend in London….exhausted!

I always seem to forget how enormous a city it is, to the cost of my feet. I saw the Manet Exhibition at the Royal Academy. Luckily I am a Friend (of the RA) and we were able to zip past the queues and go directly to the exhibition. Unfortunately, on Friday afternoon it was jammed, and people with those bloody listening guide thingies were clogging up the entire show. You know the look: they nod sagely as they find themselves agreeing with the waffle pumped into their ears.

viollondingres london


Mr Jinx.

I have been jinxed since we got back from Italy, first we had some visitors and then I got the flu, so I have only got started on some new work this week. I had started a big drawing before the Open Days and Christmas, but I couldn’t face it. So I started two small, almost square drypoint prints….fingers crossed they work out.

memento2a lasperanza


Ca(t)shmere Kitten

We had a dinner party over the weekend and the following day one of our guests texted to say she had left behind a CASHMERE CARDIGAN….!!! Well I can honestly say that those two words chilled me to the core and sent me into a blind panic the likes of which I haven’t experienced since the great art heist before Christmas...





I put my winter woolies away in an under bed drawer as soon as May begins in the hope that this will encourage the weather to improve. For years this has worked perfectly well, with the woolies reappearing in late October.



Cute picture of a cat?

Wait 'til I tell you why she has my best cashmere jumper...



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