Welcome to my world...

I think I have exhausted the rich mine of Italian emails for my blog, so now I am going to subject you to (my form of) reality from the last week….
On Monday my paper order from Armatruda in Amalfi arrived. It was a bit like Christmas, (oops, I shouldn’t have mentioned that word!), as I ripped off the packaging to find the delicious looking paper. Unfortunately, now I am like a rabbit in the headlights and afraid to even think of working on it.

Wonder Bra?

I was watching, purely by accident, the rugby last night. What on earth were the Irish team wearing??? Their jerseys seem to have a sort of cling film bra welded on to it. 
But it didn’t take away from their great playing…. Ireland XV 53 − 0 Fiji



Car disaster

This is one of many of my (mis)adventures while in Italy! The make of the car and the rental company have been removed….

Mother of Jesus what a day!

I am writing this down as it almost feels like I lived through a nightmare today!







Leonard and the gamey eye





I meant to say, when I was in Siena last Wednesday, I saw an amazing name on a death notice poster...Diva Tempestino! I was going to take a photo with my phone, but there were too many people around, and they may have thought it was disrespectful, which it was! I hope she lived up to her name! I have a vivid picture of her in my head, a real piece of work!


I'm getting a bit bogged down with new drawing... seemed to have picked another tricky one....need some snowy, minimal subjects! It looked simpler than the last one when I picked it.



Bats, Beetles and Butch women



This morning I woke to an amazing, sunny, and misty Radicondoli...what bliss! A bright new start to the day, popped into see that my little bat friend had truely left the premises, and yes, my luck held out, he was gone! Great, I thought now I can get back to normal, (?),I can put yesterday's "experience" behind me, and do some drawing, and maybe even finish this one. Now for a nice coffee to set me up for the day.....


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