Lost the car and found a mouse


First sent as an email on 2nd September 2012


Autumn has arrived so quickly, it has taken me by surprise!

We're having a great time and have gone somewhere nearly everyday,

we were in Siena yesterday, and we just about saw a flag throwing procession for the winning contrada, I think it's the leopard this time. It's a long story, but we managed to loose the car and came across it, and eventually the car!

We ate at the Granaio last night, only a few tables occupied, and the food again was good. 

On Monday can you drop the big piece to the Club between 10 and 1, maybe phone /email beforehand in case there's a cock up. It may also need to be delivered to the EU Offices in Dawson St. If it doesn't fit in the jeep, please pick something else biggish instead.

The Impression Show work drop off happens on Friday before 4 at the Gallery of Photography in Meeting House Square, (could they have picked a worse time?)



ps no more visitors to the flat, I think the "fresh" poo was the same mouse doing a lap of honour before throwing himself on the trap. Sheila did the needful and he had a very unusual funeral…flung out the kitchen window into the countryside! Hope his relatives don’t get wind of it!