The Doctor and the bat

Originally sent as an email to Marcus in mid September...


Well today has been a bit of a learning experience. I have had a sore eye since last Sunday. I'd seen the chemist, and drops hadn't worked. So I decided to go to the doctor yesterday, but apparently he only visits some days. So today was his day here. I had avoided asking people about him in case they insist I go down the homeopathic/ homeopathetic route, and I felt my eyesight was a little more important than that!




Anyhow after many investigations as to his whereabouts, I finally called into the tourist office and got directions from Karin. 

I made my way to the clinic and there was a big group waiting for him, most of which I recognised, and who commiserated with me over the offending eye. Jesus Christ I am so glad I'm not fluent.....! The conversations I did understand had a lot of dolore, and more alarmingly morte! By the time I got to see him I was wondering if the VHI cover my funeral expenses. 

I explained how bad my Italian was, and he said I should "provare", which I did. After a brief look, he wrote a prescription and bloody well spoke in English! The word "Bastardo" came to mind, but I refrained and said he had tortured me, at which he laughed and wouldn't take any money for the visit. I then passed through the glum looking crew in the waiting room, delighted with myself, and off to the chemist, prepared to pay anything for the antibiotics to clear my eye. 

The sum total? €7.10!!!!

Can only imagine what all this would have cost in Ireland……

After such a stressful day, I had just settled down to a glass of vino bianco and continued with a drawing I'd started yesterday. Bliss.... listening to some great music, the windows and doors open, and a cool breeze....sounds like a flake ad – without the flake. But what could possibly interrupt this idyll....  a bloody BAT! It's been flapping about and swooping every now and then for the past ten minutes, which felt like hours. And now I think he's gone. I didn't actually see him off the premises, and they do have a nasty habit of clinging to the beams where it's difficult to see. Will keep you posted... a bat bulletin!

I wonder if this is revenge for the "mouse" incident?