Bats, Beetles and Butch women



This morning I woke to an amazing, sunny, and misty Radicondoli...what bliss! A bright new start to the day, popped into see that my little bat friend had truely left the premises, and yes, my luck held out, he was gone! Great, I thought now I can get back to normal, (?),I can put yesterday's "experience" behind me, and do some drawing, and maybe even finish this one. Now for a nice coffee to set me up for the day.....

Jesus! The kitchen  window was like a Hammer Horror scene, literally millions of small beetly things! I hope to hell they are not baby cockroaches, I don't think they are. They seemed to be coming out of the window frame and were marching up the walls. First I sprayed the "Raid", but it seemed to have no effect, in fact it seemed to refresh them, and they continued their travels. Then I found "Vape", which seems a much more lethal weapon, and this seems to have stopped their galavanting. 

Well, I'm now back in the sitting room/bat station, having that long awaited coffee, and I'm thinking of going to Poggi’ for the market....anything to avoid this house of horrors!


I knew I meant to say about an incident at the market in Poggi.

I was buying some fabric from a stall, and doing quite a good job, I thought , of chatting with the man. He had asked me where I was from and he knew some Irish people and started to talk faster and faster....and I was getting a little mixed up and started saying that I lived in Dublin, and in a flat in Radicondoli, with my...WIFE! And I kept on saying it when he looked a bit mistified. Jesus, he probably thinks we're a lesbian couple! Needless to say I slunk past his stall any time I was even close to it. I probably won't go back to the market until Christmas....maybe he will have forgotten by then.

Will I ever learn....?