Welcome to my world...

I think I have exhausted the rich mine of Italian emails for my blog, so now I am going to subject you to (my form of) reality from the last week….
On Monday my paper order from Armatruda in Amalfi arrived. It was a bit like Christmas, (oops, I shouldn’t have mentioned that word!), as I ripped off the packaging to find the delicious looking paper. Unfortunately, now I am like a rabbit in the headlights and afraid to even think of working on it.
On the subject of C*****mas, I’ve been up to my eyes trying to get things ready for the studio open days on the first two weekends in December. I can’t believe the amount of time I seem to spend sending emails, printing and posting off flyers….and this is with my LSH, (long-suffering-husband), helping a lot with the webby stuff, which is driving him bonkers.Whoever said that computers made life easier should come and see what happens when it’s in my hands…
To make matters worse, Squeak the cat has taken to paper shredding and is now completely banned from the studio. I should have guessed that something like this would eventually happen after the incident with Maurice, the stuffed canary, a couple of months ago. I dread to think what she, together with Pip and Missey, have planned for the Open days.
Another bit of good luck happened recently, Nicholson & Bass asked if they could use the print which was in this year’s Royal Ulster Academy’s show as their Christmas, (sorry!), card.
 And the print sold at the show too!