I put my winter woolies away in an under bed drawer as soon as May begins in the hope that this will encourage the weather to improve. For years this has worked perfectly well, with the woolies reappearing in late October.


Since the arrival of Squeak (the very destructive cat / junior assistant printmaker ), in February 2012, I have frequently found the odd jumper, sometimes two, dragged from the drawer, down the stairs and into the hall. It was only last week, when I went to wear my ONLY cashmere jumper, I realised the extent of her handiwork, and her taste for the finer things in life! I think she is suffering from an identity crisis, and thinks she is a MOTH…my jumper is full of enormous holes. And yesterday I caught her EATING my good fine wool wrap, and I managed to rescue it just in time…

She’s lovely - a cat full of personality - but if she doesn’t cop on <aside from LSH: or if you don’t put your clothes away>, she may not make it to February 2013!

The other cats are less fussy with their woollens - any old jumper will do for the cold nights; even Marcus’ collection of odd socks is a treat for them. Ugh!

Incidentally, the game being played in the picture above is a favourite of both the cat and the husband!