Exhibition spoilers

Just back from a weekend in London….exhausted!

I always seem to forget how enormous a city it is, to the cost of my feet. I saw the Manet Exhibition at the Royal Academy. Luckily I am a Friend (of the RA) and we were able to zip past the queues and go directly to the exhibition. Unfortunately, on Friday afternoon it was jammed, and people with those bloody listening guide thingies were clogging up the entire show. You know the look: they nod sagely as they find themselves agreeing with the waffle pumped into their ears.

viollondingres london

There is a touch of sadness about the exhibition, as most of the pieces weren’t seen by the public until after his VERY early death at 52. It is a good show overall, but I was a bit disappointed that there is only one etching on view, particularly as he was interested in the revival of the technique. Print getting the short straw as usual???!!

On Sunday we went to the Man Ray exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. This was fantastic. The photographs are small, (which was a surprise), and some of them almost look like etchings with rich, velvety black.There are some beauties from the 20’s and 30’s. His last colour photos look almost like enamels the colour is so saturated. This show is well worth a visit.

Of course there had to be a spanner in the works…a couple who were obviously on their first date. They were insufferable! Talking really loudly, about their backgrounds, likes/dislikes etc. One trying to impress the other with their – questionable – “KNOWLEDGE of ART” and at times standing chatting in the way of anyone trying to see some of the work. They were as irritating as people talking on their phones, which would warrant a ticking off by a guard, and I really wished that one would come along and tell them off! They eventually twigged how annoying they were halfway round the exhibition, when they spotted me with my fingers in my ears! (I was desperate!)

Today, it’s back to the drawing board….literally!