Knuckling Down

Just getting down to some work after our “Cinema Night’ in the studio. I had to clear away paper and drawing stuff and make room for the chairs. It was a great night. Habemus Papam.

So today I am back to the drawing board, literally, as well as printing a small, almost square drypoint. I have been working in this format since Christmas and have been finding it a bit of a challenge as I am working on very large drawings at the same time!
The studio is extremely peaceful and silent as it has been gently snowing this afternoon. I love this type of atmosphere to work in, even though it is very cold and I dread anyone calling in and may catch me in my inky dungarees, several t-shirts and matching face!

DSCF5046 DSCF5047 DSCF5049

Wondering what the rest of the house are up to today while I am at work?
L.S.H is watching and shouting at the rugby on the telly. Squeak is asleep at the cooker in her basket (dreaming of cashmere). Pip and Missey are curled up in a basket in the utility room….everyone is happy!


Everyone is NOT happy! In general, I’d say the mood in the LSH camp is low after that show in Murrayfield. We won’t dwell on it - there will be enough red ink spilled in the papers…

Happily, we had already booked to see a film yesterday and off to the LightHouse for an Italian movie. Piazza Fontana is well worth a watch; but not uplifting.

The QUIZ in Mulligan’s in Stoneybatter was though; we didn’t get within even a sniff of the prizes: the top three teams were really on the ball, but a respectable fourth is a result we can be pleased with; especially considering we only went in to get something to eat. Tip for next time - don’t have a bottle of wine before the questions...