Go Ahead Punk - make my St Patrick's Day

I love St Patrick’s day! Yes, I really do, honestly! You may well ask why…
It’s not the very cold and wet weather that we usually experience – and this year was no exception – it’s not the childhood memories of standing, miserably, in the rain on Westmoreland Street, looking at the even-more-miserable people on the floats. It’s not being mesmerised by the colour of the majorettes legs (a sort of piglet pink/purple /blue marbled effect), in stark contrast with the faux-tanned faces and the cheery bubble gum pink smiles.


Enough of all that…I love the day because everyone is either away themselves, or thinks we are; and I can work without a care in the world or fear of any possible distractions.

Of course, it wouldn’t be my life if there wasn’t a spanner somewhere in the works. In fact there have been three, cat-shaped, spanners. First, Missy has had an eye infection for the past few days, which has warranted a trip to the vet and several daily applications of drops since. Of course, as Pip spends most of his day sleeping with her (who doesn’t envy the life of a cat?), and now he has an eye infection. He is much trickier to deal with, and does not appreciate my nursing skills. Marcus has suggested changing his name to ‘Squint Eastwood’ after watching The Unforgiven on the telly over the weekend. And not to be left out of the loop, Squeak is feeling very sorry for herself after being in a fight and now is sporting a limp, bitten tail and numerous cuts.

Even with my new vocation as a veterinary nurse, I have managed to finish a big drawing and print a small drypoint.
And where has LSH been during all this? He spent Saturday afternoon shouting at the Irish team (on the telly). I thought it wiser to actually be out of the house entirely – in light of the last match where my presence in the room led to several injuries to the team – and went to visit a friend. I came back to a bereft Irish fan. But I told him to cheer up there was always the women’s team to look forward to…..and didn’t they come up trumps?