Note to self...

Note to self….

Well after an absolutely artic week with snow, hail and extremely cold temperatures, Good Friday, was very sunny, and dare I mention the word, spring-like. It’s still very cold in the shade, but at least the daffodils and crocuses don’t look as foolish as they have the last few weeks.

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Last Tuesday, I went with LSH to the Simple Minds concert at the Olympia. Now I have to admit that it was my choice of music, as it is the type I liked in college and also listen to when working. Marcus on the other hand, had done just about everything, including becoming ill that morning to avoid having to go to the concert.

As the temperatures plummeted to below freezing, I decided to be “sensible” and wear thermal leggings. Note to self….never, ever, no matter how cold it is, wear thermal anything to a concert! By the time Simple Minds came on stage, I can honestly say I knew what it would be like to be burnt at the stake. And like any witch/heretic there was nothing I could do about it. Apart from this, I really enjoyed the night. As we left, we decided to go for a night cap to the Stag’s Head. But when we entered, we were surrounded by hoards of smug-looking Austrians…as if to compound Marcus’s misery, the Austrians had drawn with Ireland at the last minute earlier in the evening! So we retreated to good old reliable Grogans.

On the art front, I have totally lost the run of myself with the idea of using two full sheets of paper, and if I thought that the birch tree drawing was tricky, this is an even bigger head wrecker! Will I ever learn?