CSI Merrion Road

Scene of the crime….
I got some of the head-wrecker drawing done, and feeling quite pleased with myself, I cleaned up, put on my make-up and glad rags and went with LSH to a drinks party yesterday evening. To top off the outfit, I added the new black handbag (with fur trim), that our Italian friends gave me in January. We had a fantastic time, and it really was the perfect end to the weekend.


But nothing could have prepared me for the scene that met me in the kitchen this morning. At first it looked like the aftermath of a grizzly murder, complete with the presence of the prime suspect. But, on closer inspection I discovered that the corpse was in fact my new posh handbag. The contents were strewn everywhere and there were pieces of the fur all over the floor. But the crucial piece of incriminating evidence, if I needed it, was hanging from the side of the suspect’s mouth….a chunk of black fur!
Squeak, the accused, appears to think that by lying nonchalantly in her bed in the middle of a crime scene, no one will suspect a thing.
I have been so annoyed all day, I have found it almost impossible to concentrate on work, other than trying to see how I can repair the bag, and finally decided to start a new large drawing tonight.
Yet another path through trees…. and you can see how far I have got with it, because I am writing this!