London Calling!

I meant to say, I was in London on Monday last week for the day. I do this now and again, a dart into London (Marcus thinks I’m bonkers), but I actually get a lot done in the day. First, I went to see the George Bellows show at the Royal Academy. It was fabulous, and dare I say it, much better then the Manet. It is hard to believe Bellows accomplished so much in so short a working life – he was 42 when he died. I felt I was such a slacker after seeing it all! I was really impressed by his lithographs and drawings of boxers… absolutely beautiful! There is a painting of boxers that could easily be a Francis Bacon, it is almost abstract in it’s energy.

bowie aladin sane custom 290x320 06200686

I had a quick look in the Burlington Arcade, and spotted some amazing jewellery – two Lalique pieces and some other incredible things. It is hard to believe that someone dreamed of designs like these: and could you imagine wearing them?

I also went on to the V&A for the David Bowie is Exhibition. It is incredible. To my horror everyone gets a set of headphones as they enter, (memories of the Manet and Man Ray exhibitions sprang to mind), but for once, I have to admit, it enhances the show. The costumes look spectacular. There is news footage of the time running throughout the exhibition, including some from the moon landing, together with newspaper coverage, while Space Oddity plays. I did notice, as I felt like dancing, that other people were in the same zone, and were tapping their feet, fidgeting and swaying from side to side, looking like they were trying to dance wearing straight jackets!

straight jacket
But one of the last rooms is spectacular. When I first entered there were enormous screens featuring a concert (more constricted dancing) and every now and then, the “screen” broke down into a grid which show-cased some of the most beautiful and iconic costumes. The main problem with the show was that most people didn’t want to leave – and I have to admit I felt the same – and kept going back. If you are in London, try and get a ticket, it is really worth a visit.