Calendar Girl

The last few days have been very tricky. LSH / Marcus has been setting up the calendar and MUST NOT BE DISTURBED.

Last year I made the first one – well, truthfully – I decided on the images, and LSH did all the rest. Today was D-Day with the final selection and it’s layout for "print-ready artwork". Tomorrow I hope to see a sample page from Grants, and then it’s like pushing the nuclear button…there’s no going back! Scary or what?


DorothyBlanche LetterformyLove

This year, I decided on a mix of drawings and prints made over almost three decades. It was a real journey and it brought back many memories as I trawled through the plan-chest drawers and portfolios. It was like bumping into old friends, “Lillian” and “Dorothy and Blanche”, the latter being a nightmare to print as the Japanese Tissue, once damp, was almost impossible to handle, and tore with it’s own weight wet! The drawings reminded me of the specific places in Italy, and I could almost smell the dryness of the marine pines and the dead sunflower heads of late summer, and the dampness of the bare birch trees in February. “A letter for my love” was the first etching I made for LSH. We were “going out” almost four months and I gave it to him the day before I went to Mexico for a couple of weeks.

In the middle of all this, as if I wasn’t stressed out enough with the run-away train of the “Bronze and Paper” exhibition in Drogheda ever-rapidly-approaching, AND the creeping about the house trying not to disturb LSH, I took some recent prints out of the blotters to sign. They have been drying for the past 20 days, but I was horrified to find that they still smelled damp. I immediately put them back, interleaved with new tissue, and started praying to St Jude. God only knows when they’ll be dry!

A note from the editor: Marie-Louise's attempts to keep out of the way were, shall we say, 'well-intentioned' - disturbances for cups of tea were welcome when they came though! Marcus