Squeak insists she's the only house-cat

Suddenly it’s the looney season and things are begining to ramp up!!!

First it was the Botanic Gardens / Graphic Studio “A Natural Selection” Exhibition, which is selling like hot cakes as you read. Yesterday, I was delivering some work to the Cavehill Gallery for their C******** Show, and as I passed Banbridge there was a dusting of snow in the fields and I found myself humming “Let it snow” and “Santa Baby”!!! Scary! Later when I went shopping I inexplicably found some C******** decorations, various pressies, as well as new red sprinkly collars for Squeak and Missy in my basket. They must have magiced themselves there!



I had to smuggle them into the house past LSH aka the Grinch. But the whole operation came undone this afternoon when Squeak, (what a surprise!), ripped open the bags and proceeded to festoon the house with their contents. It’s like living with the shopping police! Last year it was cashmere jumpers - this year it seems that tiggers are on the murder list for Squeak.