Nose back to the grindstone!

Well it’s back to normal, or as close to, after a fantastic Christmas in Radicondoli.

MLM wintergarden


We had very good weather for two weeks, and with just two afternoons of rain, I got lots of photos of the landscape at this beautiful time of year. The bare trees are almost more remarkable now than when they are in full leaf. The lightning struck chestnut tree which overhangs the terrace is at it’s best. But it may be the last year we have it, as it is due to be pruned back to encourage new growth in the next few months. Our neighbour is also in the process


of clearing some of the pine trees which were planted twenty years ago and which have been gradually blocking a lot of the beautiful views over the valley to Volterra, Mensano, and San Gimignano. The sound of the chain saw never sounded so sweet!!!!
Now I am back in the print studio and I have already printed some work which I had started in December. The images are complete opposites….one is a snow scene, the other of sun streaming through trees!