Groovy man

I know this isn’t directly connected to “ART” exactly, but I thought last night’s Film Night deserved a mention of some sort.

On one Friday night every month, until it’s too bright to do so, we hold a Film Night in my studio. There are about 8 of us, and all the names go into a hat and each month one of us picks a film and another cooks dinner. We only find out on the night what film is selected. Sometimes we get a hint, and last night was no different. We were told it was from 1969, and to dress appropriately. So yesterday I decided to have a hunt through the wardrobe for ideas.


Now, you may know that I am guilty of not getting rid of clothes until they are at the “rag stage”, or the “couldn’t get my big toe in stage”. During their often very long lives, going in and out of fashion several times, they go through many stages. The “best stage” when they are new and kept for public viewing. Then the “good-ish stage”, where they’ve seen better days, worn at home and I could happily answer the door wearing. Then comes the “work stage”, clothes ONLY for wearing in the studio, these should NEVER be seen by anyone and are often held together with safety pins, and covered in ink. This is followed by the “rag stage”, which is what they end up as. It’s all very “ECO”. Outside all of these categories is the group of clothes which are for “dressing up”. To earn a place in this special category, the clothes should be suitable for any fancy dress or themed parties that may pop up. Ma’s fur coats and floral wedding hats/creations from the 60’s, some groovy evening LUREX dresses passed on by an aunt, a tutu, some of my own beauties from art school in the 70’s and 80’s and an assortment of wigs, sun glasses and jewellery. (Some of my favourites being a long purple wig and a pair of black real feather wings).

I know, I’ve drifted off the topic a bit, but it will all become clear shortly. Back to the wardrobe. I picked out a few things and showed them to LSH. One was a long crocheted stripy cardigan, the other a gold and blue lurex jacket. To say the least I was surprised at his reaction. He thought the stripy cardigan was perfect for the “look” I was going for, and then came the bombshell….he said “Marie, I just can’t believe you kept that for all these years!” I promptly informed him that this was NOT part of the “dressing up” clothes category, but in fact from the “best” and possibly, on it’s way to the “good-ish” category! It wasn’t the best way to start the day, but things got even worse later that night when the rest of the group arrived. I had completed my outfit with a loudly printed maxi dress, floral tights, beads, a head band and pink roundy sunglasses. I had to inform them after they stopped laughing that I had NOT scoured the Charity Shops for the clothes, or that they were from my “dressing up” collection, but in fact from my current wardrobe and at the “best” and “good-ish” stages of their wardrobe careers!
And in case you’re interested…
The film turned out to be “Easy Rider”.
LSH went a little overboard and shaved his beard “gringo style”, and now can’t go out for a few days.
I am currently re-evaluating my clothes, but can assist people looking for outfits for themed parties….