Good, with mint sauce.

I have only realised today that just a few of my blogs and none of my print of the month thingies have gone up on the website for ages….they are probably floating around the stratosphere somewhere. ( I’ve an awful feeling it’s a case of pilot error, as you might remember the extent my computer “skills”)
So I’ve decided to start again.

Read on, dear reader..

In March I was asked to put some work in an exhibition in Arthur Cox’s London office. It was to celebrate Irish art, and Geraldine O’Neill, Catherine Kelly and Noelle O’Keeffe were the other artists involved. It was a great success. I went to London last Monday for the day to pack the work for it’s return journey, a little lighter as some of the work sold! I managed to squeeze in an exhibition too: Prints of the Renaissance at the Royal Academy. It was mainly woodblock prints and really worth seeing.
This month also saw the deadline for entries for the Lessedra mini print exhibition in Bulgaria, so I was like something demented trying to get one of the prints dry in time….taking it out of the flattening boards to dry, changing blotters, turning up the heat…but thankfully they all went to Bulgaria flat and DRY!
March 24th also saw the opening of the Hermione Exhibition at Alexandra College, it is always a great night. And once again a seller!
In the last blog I spoke about my return to etching. Well to bring things up to speed, the “test” plate turned out to be the one I ran with. Somehow I knew that would happen, it must have something to do with being less precious with a test plate.
On Friday I popped off two pieces for the R.H.A open submission. The piece I have for the invited section is at the framers at the moment, as it has a later deadline.There was a long queue of people with the usual “determined not to make eye contact” stance. When I eventually emerged I was relieved that my car hadn’t been clamped as I’d parked up a lane covered with yellow lines and warnings!
My reward for this very stressful few days was Sunday, which I spent on a farm. It was a perfect spring day, with clear blue skies and the roadsides sprinkled with primroses and daffodils. In the yard I met up with the smallest lambs I ever saw, and of course I had to pick one up! He looked like he was wearing a wrinkly baby grow that was too big for him!



ps later, I (guiltily and tactlessly), joined friends and one of his aunts for lunch!