Up, up and away...

My life has been somewhat like being inside a tumble dryer recently.

There were a few exhibition submission deadlines looming, (and to be absolutely truthful, I had left it on the long finger and now I was in a bit of a panic situation), but what was really frustrating was that they were digital submissions. By now you will probably know that I am, at the most charitable, a bit challenged when it comes to all this computer business, especially with online form filling. This combined with trying to take photos with a digital camera (download, upload, wombling free), an inability to place things level on the wall, and metric measurements led to a lot of swearing and shouting at inanimate objects. Squeak had done the smart thing and had disappeared into my wardrobe looking for a jumper to eat. Eventually my knight in shining armour / LSH came to the rescue, and the forms went off.


This meant that before I knew it, I’d to down tools in the studio, and we were off to Italy for the annual Radicondoli festival of San Giovanni. It was absolutely fantastic, with lots of street entertainment, artisan markets, eating in the piazza and jazz bands. Hazel Trivelli and Jackie Tune had a wonderful exhibition in the town.

feckoffMarie3 feckoffMarie1

But the icing on this fairly tall cake, was a balloon trip. I was on my first and only one four years ago and it was fabulous. The only thing to take the shine of it on that occasion was the people we shared the balloon with. The two couples were polar opposites. One was loud, American and never stopped talkin; the other Italian, very young and they spent the whole trip kissing, hardly surfacing for air!!!! I felt like slapping them!

This time we flew with the same wonderful Stefano and Gianna from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it but also with my cousin and her husband. It was perfect! We passed close to Collè di Val d’Elsa and San Gimignano with only the sound of barking dogs twittering birds and the burner every now and then. It was a magical trip.

We also spent a day in Siena as they prepared for the June Palio. The excitement was palpable and all the Sienese were in party mode. I hope to see it one day [loud, clanging hint hits floor - ignored. LSH].

We packed so much in during our stay it felt much longer than the short week it was, and now back home I am working on an etching: a field of dead sunflowers from a drawing I did a few years ago. You can imagine how well it’s going if I’m writing this instead!!!


PS: throughout our stay I thought we were particularly diplomatic in not mentioning the World Cup, and Italy’s ‘early’ exit.

Photo credit for the shot of the balloon and basket: Robert Trandafir