Bank Holiday? What bank holiday?

What a weekend! Most people are probably a bit disappointed with the classic bank holiday weather we’re experiencing….raven coloured skies and torrential rain. But I have found it fantastic to work through, even if it meant having the lights on all day. Bank holiday weekends are always great to work as most people are away, or assume we are away, and with the added “bonus” of rotten weather, I have no excuse to keep me out of the studio.

Textinganddrinking Drinkingandprinting
So I have got up early every morning, drunk a pot of coffee, fed the cats, turned up the Rolling Stones full whack and started work. There are now so many prints drying I have managed to run out of blotters, and will have to double up the ratio of prints to blotters until I can get to the shops during the week. Not a bad problem to have…..

(Sha was caught skiving once or twice, glass of wine in hand!)