Trying to find 1st gear

We spent a wonderful Christmas in Radicondoli. The weather was cold, crisp and dry most of the time. Marcus did a terrific job keeping the flat warm doing “man stuff”, chopping logs and keeping the stove going at full tilt. So good a job, in fact, that every insect that had hibernated then decided to make an appearance! At times it was worse than summer.


The town looked pretty with ‘Buon Feste’ in little fairy lights twinkling in the main street. The main church had its usual enormous crib, filled with figures of various scales, some of which seemed to have no business being there. There was a sheep the same size as a camel, Mary and Joseph were from an even larger crib, with Jesus being the biggest of all!

We missed the ‘torneo di panforte’, which involves throwing a panforte along a table and seeing how far it can hang over the edge without falling off. We won it a few years ago and I was more than a little surprised at our prize….the panforte, looking worse for wear, that we had been playing with! But, we did manage to play bingo / tombola on Christmas night this time. It is the quickest way to learn numbers!

For new years night we had a Fellini-esque experience. Some friends came over and we went to La Pergola for the night. It was hilarious, as this year they decided to have a buffet instead of the sit down, at least six course dinner. A buffet? Hilarious? How, I hear you ask. It was mainly down to the fact that Italians don’t seem to like the concept of queuing, so every time a plate of food came out from the kitchen there was a mad rush for it. There was no shortage of food, mind ou, just they all had to be the first. Every table could have been a vignette from one of his films. At midnight we watched the fireworks of the surrounding towns from the terrace, toasting our good luck to be in such a great place.

On one of the brightest days I managed to get some lovely photos to work from. It was late afternoon and the fields were filled with sunlight and shadows. It only lasted about thirty minutes, but it was magical!

We got home last Thursday and I gave myself until Monday to return to the studio. Everything was going to plan. I printed eight small prints that day and was feeling ready to start a new piece on Tuesday when disaster struck…..flu. Well sort of…cough, head cold, pains all over and generally feeling sorry for myself. I have been in bed since Wednesday….and this blog is the most I have managed to do. I don’t “do” sick and am the worlds worst patient!