Painting (and decorating)

“Well it’s about time!” I hear you say as I write. It has been months since I knuckled down to write a blog, and may I add here that Marc Almond recently explained a blog as meaning “boring life, over glamourised”. So perhaps keep this in mind as you read on….


In fact it’s been so long ago since my last opus, I’m going to break up the time and events, and write a couple of episodes!
In May, we drove to Italy with a plan, for once, to stay there, more or less for three months. Marcus was going to get one to one Italian lessons and I was going to concentrate on some big drawings. We also hoped to paint the flat from top to bottom.
We were there for the starting-very-early-in-the-morning May Day celebrations and the Festa di San Giovanni at the end of June. I can only say that to be in Radicondoli at this time of the year is like being in a Fellini film. Everyone is in party mode, becomes 8 years old in their attitude and the Pro loco does a tremendous amount of work in organising different events; which include picnics, street musicians, entertainers, markets, exhibitions, concerts, films and eating in the piazza. One of the most Fellini-esque events was the local dance school’s demonstration, the stars of which were a pint sized couple, aged about ten, dancing a perfect tango with the most determined expressions. That was followed by a troupe of 4 year old ‘elves’ who, although starting well, seemed to quickly loose interest and invent their own choreography, to the absolute consternation of their teacher!
In May and June we got up early a few mornings in order to do a few walks. During these I took photos and notes, and back in the flat I used them for large drawings with graphite sticks and pencils. By the time we returned to Dublin I had completed seven (and a half) very large drawings. And we had repainted the whole flat. Job done!