Getting ready


I have found it very difficult to get down to clear the studio for the open days in December this year. This wasn’t helped by my trying to experiment with a new, very large multiple plate etching. There were also lots of work that had to be delivered to various Christmas shows (I think it’s ok to mention the “C” word

now that it’s December). It’s all a little too mind-boggling for me at times, and, to make matters worse, I lost my notebook with all the titles, prices, exhibitions and delivery info of all my out-of-studio work in it. After promising St Anthony yet another €20, it turned up, and things got back to “normal” – well, as normal as possible for me.

Eventually I had to stop last weekend, as it really was becoming too messy. I cleared out, i.e. made lots of firelighters, all the offcuts of paper, rags, proofs, old ink and newspapers. While Marcus (Long Suffering Husband) hung the framed pieces, hoovered the studio and generally cleaned up. I have also decided to put a number of small pieces in IKEA frames to make them more affordable. Lots of other framing options are available too.


As I will be demonstrating printmaking throughout the opening days, I had to decide on a plate to print, make up various inks, cut down some paper, soak it and leave it all ready. Then I had to get down to the marketing side of things and send out by post or email the open days information. I also put flyers in libraries, local notice boards and just about anywhere I could think of.

This year I’ve decided to open on Wednesday evening from 6 ’til 8, as quite a few people found the weekends tricky coming up to Christmas, and said they’d prefer a midweek evening to visit. I will also open Sundays 12 ’til 5.

To be honest, I am exhausted before the doors are even open, and I’ve offered you a glass of mulled wine and mince pie! Now… LSH - pass me my wine please, and get my slippers; have you put some logs on the fire; what are you cooking me for my tea…?