Spring fling


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It’s been ages since I settled down to write, and I’ve been getting increasingly guilty about it, especially as time seems to be galloping along.

We have driven over to Italy again and I have to say that spring must be the best time to do it. As we left Dublin towards the end of April, the trees had their first leaves, the primroses were in the banks at the side of the roads, but sadly we hadn’t yet spotted a swallow.

We arrived in Cherbourg, drove to Paris, where we stayed for three nights and it was fab. We met up with Kathy, a pal who lives in France, and got talking with the owner of the restaurant we were having dinner in; in no time at all, Kathy had organised an exhibition of my work at Page 35 in July and August! (More of that closer to the time). Then it was off to Radicondoli stopping off at Lyon and Genova on the way. Both are fantastic cities and we will definitely revisit them.


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Finally we reached Radicondoli. Bliss! We seemed to be spotted immediately and in about an hour had met the entire town! Well… our little corner of it any way.

Once settled in, I set myself a task: make one large drawing a week. I set up in the sitting room (I don’t have a studio there); the light in the morning is best, so I generally am up and drawing before 7.30. I work from photographs I have taken when out on walks with Marcus. So far I have made six finished pieces, with another one well advanced.

While I have been doing this there has been the annual May Day celebrations, which were, as usual, fantastic. The Radicondoli Street Band seem to get better and better, and there was a super local choir who brought Marcus to tears….as usual! Everyone gets into the swing of things and even the weather held up and we were able to have the picnic in the park late in the afternoon. The celebrations continued went well into the night.

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By the way, the swallows seemed to follow us the whole trip to Italy and when we got here we were surrounded by them and their cousins, the swifts. Every evening we are treated to an acrobatic air display while we sit on the terrace looking over the valley….heaven on earth!