What a week!

Well really, what few weeks! Which have been anything but dull. Normally, this is a time of slowing down and settling back to the rhythm of printmaking, as the days grow shorter. But the last few weeks have been like being caught up in a storm!

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First, there was the Printmakers Council’s show, Pushing Boundaries at Farmleigh. It is a beautiful show. I have a piece in it “Seven days in August”, and it has never been hung in a better way. The show is diverse and gives a good overview of what is current in printmaking. The Council is 50 years old and constantly promotes the best in printmaking and organises many exhibitions, mostly in England. This gave me the boost I needed with my work as I had been getting bogged down with a very large print. I stood back from it, got out my notebook, made a small drawing of a head, transferred it quickly to a plate, etched it, made an embossing plate, and within six days I had ten in the blotters drying!

Then this week….well besides the shocking US Election and the sad passing of Leonard Cohen, “Fragment II”, the piece selected for the Masters Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery in London, was further selected to be hung by my hero, Norman Ackroyd. I only heard last night as I didn’t get over for the opening, and I am over the moon! I’m hoping this latest bit of good news will give me the much needed shot in the arm to return to that large print!