The RA, London, and a small independent gallery in Radicondoli

What a few weeks it’s been! We set off on our big road trip to Radicondoli on 26th May, the momentous day of the Referendum result. And what a result!

As we approached Rosslare, I saw that I’d an email from the Royal Academy, an email I was almost sick opening to see if “Mr Turner” had been accepted for this year’s show.

IMG 4722

It's a bit dusty in the show space

I was totally shocked to see he was, and could not contain myself! Poor Marcus, how he didn’t crash the car with my carry on was a miracle. I had to keep reading it over and over again to make myself believe it was true.
As we floated – seemingly on air – over to Rosscoff, stopping off at Tours, Lyon and Genova, we eventually arrived at our beloved Radicondoli to the most incredible welcome. Thanks to Facebook, I think the whole town knew Mr T had done the business at the RA!

Two days later we were London for the Varnishing Day. Grayson Perry had been the driving force behind this year’s show and he had certainly put his stamp on it. It was a wonderful event. A parade from the Academy to a beautiful church service, followed by a steel-drum band in the courtyard, and then a fabulous buffet with an unstoppable flow of pop. “Mr Turner” is placed prominently in the Sackler Gallery South where most of the prints are housed. The following day, we flew back to Italy, and since then we have been busy organising my first solo show here. We are hanging it on Tuesday, but in the meantime, to keep my mind off things I’ve started a drawing…..I’ll need a holiday after all this!

You can get a feel for the show in the Palazzo Bizzarrini by going to Google Maps 360 degree project: HERE and HERE Pretty cool!