After a couple of sleepless nights waiting on the results of the Royal Ulster Academy’s final selection for their annual exhibition, I did it!!! This year I achieved the Academy hattrick, triple crown, holy of holies: I’ve had prints in all three of the 'home' academies. Dublin in Spring, London in Summer and now Belfast this Autumn.

MLM PDFsmall MLM Corneliasmal MrT FirstSnowoftheYear

The adventure began in February with online submissions to the Royal Academy (London), sending images and details; and has now ended with yesterday's news from the R.U.A. The intervening six months have been filled with photographing more work, more online submissions, more framing, delivering the actual works, and interminable weeks of waiting, and waiting, and W-A-I-T-I-N-G for results! And this is apart from actually making the work!

So last night I celebrated with L.S.H (long suffering husband). We went to Mulligans in Sandymount, had some bar food and two glasses of wine... I’m a cheap date!

The images above are those selected for RUA; An homage to Piero della Francesca, and Cornelia. Followed by Mr Turner's grand design show in the RA, London, and finally First snow of the year shown in the RHA annual exhibition.