Kilcock Arts Gallery

Saturday was D-Day for the opening of the Dreamscapes and Landscapes Exhibition at the Kilcock Art Gallery. I had made my usual mistakes; having an early night, soaking in a bath, and sleeping facedown; the result? Actually hardly sleeping a wink, and a face belonging one of those wrinkly Chinese dogs. No amount of cold water or fancy cream could rectify the problem.


We had decided to take the train to Kilcock, and it was a trip that could truly only be experienced in Ireland. At noon it soon became obvious that we had boarded the Party-Train-to-Sligo. Almost full, we eventually found seats. There were lots of students, hen parties, various individuals nursing hangovers, or else starting the weekend session off.

A couple of rows ahead I noticed something that Iarnrod Eireann had accidentally accommodated with their upgrade of the carriages and their installation of plug sockets and phone charge points. I could see a group of very creative women who had set up a pop up hair salon – and were blow-drying and straightening each other’s hair... amid shrieks of laughter. I discovered later that all this merriment was fueled by an enormous bottle of vodka. Unintended consequences everywhere.

The carriage was filled with the sound of people determined to have a good time, lots of laughter, shouting, plan-making and phones ringing. Then I heard a ring tone I hadn’t encountered before... the meowing of a kitten. But then we were introduced to the source of this “ring tone”. Oscar an absolutely beautiful 13 week old tabby tom kitten sitting beside us. On his way to Mullingar for the weekend. As his minder* said, “you couldn’t be leavin’ him on his own!” As a long standing/suffering minder, I hadn’t the heart to tell her that the adorable Oscar would have decimated her home if left behind in Dublin for the weekend. But things might get tricky as she said that they were staying at her mum’s house and she - the mother - had an allergy to cats. I would love to know how that weekend went!

I felt a bit sad and left out as we got off at Kilcock, but I shouldn’t have, as Breda had a wonderful party for the opening of the show. The prosecco flowed, the canapés were abundant and the people came and people bought. It was a really lovely day. And at the end of it I really wasn’t sorry we didn’t stay on the Party Train to Sligo!

*Cats don’t have owners - that’s dogs!