P.S. from the Tyrone Guthrie Centre

After an absolutely fabulous time here at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, where I did over a months drawing in a week, I am so annoyed with myself that I never had the courage to come here until now. What a wonderful experience!

IMG 0706

Everyday I got up early and worked on large sheets of paper, using mainly images from the estate. I’m particularly fond of the boathouse: it’s seen better days, but there is a magic about it as it nestles at the lakes edge.

Most days I went on walks along the lake. It is a beautiful time of year, the light is perfect, the chestnut trees are just about to unfurl their lime green leaves, violets and primroses are scattered through the grassy banks along the paths in the woods; and, best of all there is the daily visit from a beautiful hare.

As I packed up my things for my return to Dublin, it is a bitter-sweet feeling. I am really sad to be leaving this paradise, but looking forward to getting back to my print studio. I am pleased with most of the work I have made, but am wary that I may lose the momentum I have built up here during this week; that it will disappear once I’m back in Dublin and the magic is gone.

I have been told that I am welcome back whenever I want, but I wonder will the spell that has been cast over me this week return the next time?