A Natural Selection

Earlier this year Marie-Louise was asked to take part in “A Natural Selection”, a fundraising event for the National Botanic Gardens. A hundred printmakers were selected to produce a print inspired by the Gardens. Any printmaking technique may be used, but the plate size has to be 13cm x 12cm and the paper 32cm x 28cm. The edition size is 100. She has made for this ambitious project, which hopes to raise €1 Million, (€100 per print x 100 different images x 100 prints in the edition = €1,000,000.00). The deadline for the first batch of 11 prints is September, with an exhibition at the Botanic Gardens opening November 14th. Here is a sneak preview of the piece: “Midwinter Gardens” is a drypoint print on Fabriano paper... This is a early stage proof.