That's all behind me now...

Phew! Glad that’s behind me…..
The stress involved with putting together that exhibition was so incredible, I wonder why I put myself through it.


There was a brief respite when the show was eventually hung. Then there was the dress/shoe dilemma. What’s appropriate attire for facing (what feels like) a firing squad? As usual, I opted for my signature BLACK! Avoiding Squeak’s attempts to add a white fur trim to it was a challenge in itself.

I saw this sign in BGE recently - can't agree more!

Also squishing my feet into those posh high heels. My toes didn’t know what hit them and were crucified; I have been living in flat, sensible shoes while printing the last few months.
Once I walked into the show and saw so many friends all these concerns melted away. Arthur made a wonderful, blush-inducing speech, see him in full flow in the photo above.

Calendar2015 Calendar2015Squeak

I was glad all the palaver was worthwhile when first to sell were the two largest framed pieces! And as for the calendars, they were (and still are) selling like hotcakes! Fortunately, I have held some in reserve for you to buy when you visit my studio in this year's December Studio Open Days 2015. Annoying black & white cat not included!