London Pilgrimage

The week before last I went to London for two days with Sheila Pomeroy, B.P.B.F, (brilliant painter and best friend), and before you even think it, we were there to see some exhibitions, and not shopping/partying. We had been a bit apprehensive about going so soon after the terrorist attacks in Paris. But thankfully it all went off without a hitch.

There are two exhibitions of Indian textiles and objects at the V&A. One is called the Fabric of India and the other Treasures of Indian. Both exhibitions show the incredible craftsmanship and ingenuity of their artisans.
One length of the gossamer-thin fabric with a metallic green leaf pattern, at a closer look was made from beetle wings sewn into the pattern.

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There were films about block printing and weaving, a magnificent tent and beautiful clothes, both antique and modern. The Treasures exhibition was incredible, it included jewellery, swords, fantastical birds, turban jewels and goblets made from the most diverse array of materials. After a while I wasn’t even aware of the enormous diamonds, emeralds and sapphires used together with jade, feathers, beetle wings, these are the objects of fantasy and dreams - imagine!

Bejewelled Treasures Banner2

There is a link between these shows and another one we went to see at the Bankside Gallery. It celebrates 50 years of the Printmakers’ Council, and two sets of the entire exhibition will become part of the V&A Collection. There are prints by Trevelyan, Hockney, Hayer, Sutherland, Paolozzi and Emin, current printmakers Council members and… me!


I felt really honoured to hang in the same show as so many of the greats of the printmaking world. In fact, it was only when we were on the plane coming home that it really sunk in. I suppose this is down to that 60’s upbringing , and trying not to be what parents would call “a notice box”!
ps of course, we DID manage to squeeze in a pilgrimage to the most beautiful shop in the world….Liberty’s.