Abandoned places - There is beauty in looking
Images of heads – and of women predominantly – stem from Marie-Louise's interest in early Florentine portraiture. Inspiration has been drawn from the works of Baldvinetti, Ghirlandaio, Pisano, and Piero dello Francesco whose subjects sometimes seem otherworldly in their awkward beauty; and yet, we see these faces all around us in our world; even if we do not immediately see that they are beautiful.
Backgrounds and backdrops in those Florentine portraits were often formal interiors, or expansive Tuscan landscapes; Marie-Louise chooses to render these more simply; using abstractions inspired by the colours and tones of Gustav Klimt's later works.
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Memento in a Cloche
Memento in a Cl...

Etching, Chine collé, glass construction and a cloche

50cm x 20 x 20cm


Etching, Chine collé

35 x 28cm


40cm x 65cm

etching and embossing


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