In this section you can view Marie-Louise’s most recent work under the headings. These works are for sale in selected galleries in Dublin, have been shown in international events in the recent past, and they may also be purchased directly from the studio.

Studio Gallery - There is beauty in looking
Images of heads – and of women predominantly – stem from Marie-Louise's interest in early Florentine portraiture. Inspiration has been drawn from the works of Baldvinetti, Ghirlandaio, Pisano, and Piero dello Francesco whose subjects sometimes seem otherworldly in their awkward beauty; and yet, we see these faces all around us in our world; even if we do not immediately see that they are beautiful.
Backgrounds and backdrops in those Florentine portraits were often formal interiors, or expansive Tuscan landscapes; Marie-Louise chooses to render these more simply; using abstractions inspired by the colours and tones of Gustav Klimt's later works.
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