In this section you can view some of Marie-Louise’s most recent work. Click in the headings. These works are for sale in selected galleries in Dublin, have been shown in international events in the recent past, and they may also be purchased directly from the studio.

Studio Gallery - Prints inspired by journeys though Tuscany

These prints, developed from initial drawings made in the Tuscan landscape, reflect Marie-Louise's emotions and responses to being within it; its time, texture, and its depth in beauty. Sometimes these prints are sombre, but more often they convey awe at the astonishing variety in the changes of the landscape. Seasons sweep over the country, bringing with them their own characters; imposing on the land their timeless cycle of new life and new death.

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Letter for my Love
Letter for my L...

40cm x 70cm

etching and embossing

Returning Late Summer's Evening
Returning Late ...

65cm x 30cm

etching, embossing and chine collé


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