Jet setter or bonkers….?

Two weeks ago we made an extremely quick visit to Paris to collect my work from the exhibition at Page 35. We took the ferry to Roscoff and found the town absolutely charming. We were sorry we had to leave after a short whizz around and have promised ourselves a longer stay in the future.
So we hit the road to Paris


Anything But Print

Well we’re back in Dublin after almost three months spent in Radicondoli.


The end of our working holiday

Well it’s finally here - we leave Radicondoli tomorrow… 

We have been here more or less, since mid April. Had great fun at the May Day celebrations and the Festa di San Giovanni;


No rest for the wicked

I just thought that perhaps you might all think I’ve been having a fallow period all this time, as I hadn’t written much about my work since Christmas. Well, nothing could be further from the truth!


Spring fling


blog - 3 blog - 4 blog - 7

It’s been ages since I settled down to write, and I’ve been getting increasingly guilty about it, especially as time seems to be galloping along.

We have driven over to Italy again and I have to say that spring must be the best time to do it. As we left Dublin towards the end of April, the trees had their first leaves, the primroses were in the banks at the side of the roads, but sadly we hadn’t yet spotted a swallow.


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